About Us

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The Midach Educational Support Services is a registered educational support company aimed at helping Scholars from Tertiary Institutions and Prospective Undergraduate students in Nigeria make a confident decision in choosing among the world’s best Higher Institutions around the Globe to achieve their desire of exploring advanced knowledge. Scholars operate in a complex setting that drives the society forward through advanced learning and innovative researches. The Midach Educational Support Services is on a mission to help Tertiary Education Lecturers and Prospective Undergraduates advance their knowledge and gain competitive advantage in environment seeking for best practices.

Our team of professional counsellors are committed to preparing prospective students in facing the challenges occasioned by learning in new environment.

The academic environment today demands quality research. Thus, the popular sayings “publish or perish’. A look at the top high ranking universities according to the Times Higher Education suggests that research and teaching effectiveness are the basic priorities of these high ranking institutions. Research and knowledge dissemination is viewed as a complementary activity in the world of academic. We provide robust training and support to Institutions and scholars in research methodologies and approaches.

What We Do

The Midach Educational Support Services creates the opportunity for Nigeria scholars to advance their knowledge in reputable Institutions in countries – such as the UK, USA, CANADA and rest of the world by equipping them with ideas and scholastic skills necessary for successful completion of their studies abroad


we provide training services to Institutions, Research Bodies, Organizations and Government employees on research methodologies.    


MIDACH provides academic research assistant to Post Graduate students and researchers such as developing research proposals, research methodologies and statistical analysis.


Our team of experts are always on ground to discuss and proffer solution to your academic challenges and questions throughout the entire duration of study.


Every country has certain requirements for visa issuance. Our counsellors together with our travel partners will always ensure that visa guidelines are followed. 

Head Start

We provide quality services to Prospective Masters students by assessing their degree quality and suggesting suitable institutions.