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Prospective Ph.D. students are required to have a research proposal prior to submission of application. The quality of a proposal is the major criteria for assessing a prospective doctoral candidate before admission is granted. The first step in applying for Ph.D. in any discipline is to identify a potential supervisor with research interest and expertise aligning to applicant’s research proposal. This process seems so simple but has been among the factors restricting potential doctoral candidates from studying abroad.

Fortunately, our services include providing guidelines and support in identifying a supervisor and developing a researchable proposal in any field of study. We achieve this through the robust assistant of our professional teams and partners from diverse academic background. To begin your Ph.D. journey, click here to start your post graduate application.


We provide quality services to Prospective Masters students by assessing their degree quality and suggesting suitable institutions. Thus, we make sure that our clients are enrolled at their preferred academic year. To begin your M.Sc. journey abroad. Click here.

Most importantly, no charge is required for applying for study abroad. Prospective students are only required to be available for interactions with our counsellors.

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We understand that in most cases, beginners are confronted with the challenge of settling for a particular course perceived to be in alignment with their career vision. Also, studying in environment different from one’s conversant surrounding creates its own challenges.

The Midach Educational Support Services provides support for our undergraduate clients from enrollment through to the end of their studies. As a responsible agency, MIDACH takes it as a responsibility to care for our clients especially as we are responsible for their stay in the institution.  

As a prospective undergraduate, enrolling through MIDACH means studying and knowing you have professional at your back. To begin, click “Start Undergraduate Application” below

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The concept of research in academia typically refers to latest and scientific inquiries, findings, innovations and advancements mostly disseminated through academic journals in the form of publications. In the academic setting, it is widely accepted that the best research outcomes are published in the most reputable scientific journals with high impact factor, whereas, lower quality research works are often published in what the academia termed predatory, fraudulent, scam, bogus journals with little or no impact.

From identifying a research problem to analyzing available data involves a tasking commitment that determines study outcome. Our team of experts are committed to providing our clients with robust backing in relation to the proposed research.

We help you choose a desirable and researchable topics relating to your discipline, best research design, methodology and preferred statistical analysis suitable for your research problem.